Facts About Stomach Cancer

The initial step for stomach cancer is the cells that are found on the interior layer of the stomach. With the passage of time, it may be expanded up to the outer layer and also to the nearby organs such as intestines, pancreas, and liver.

Same like other kinds of cancer, there is still some researches are pending that finds the root causes of stomach cancer. But you can click here to get more information of the safety tips and the foods that are required to eat or not in this disease.

Stomach Cancer

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The elements known as risk factors are:


Location really matters for the occurrence of this disease. Let suppose if you are lives in Japan, Eastern Europe, and China, then you might be are at high risk of this disease as the presence of viruses in huge amounts.

Aging Factor:

People age 51 and more are at more risk to have this disease. Mostly people of age group 60 to 80 are more prone to stomach cancer.


Overweighed people are likely to have cardiac cancer. Though, there is till now no such evidence that supports this case.


People who intake a healthy diet such as fruits and vegetables that are full of antioxidants may lessen the chances of risk of having this disease.