Best Inflatable Marquee Designs In UK

For your next event, consider using one of these fabulous inflatable marquee designs! Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, a pool party, or just want to have a fun night out with friends, a Stretchy marquee is the perfect way to enjoy your event.

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1) The Starburst Inflatable Marquee: This amazing design features colorful stars all around the perimeter of the marquee. It’s perfect for a summer party, and kids will love climbing up and playing inside.

2) The Rainbow Inflatable Marquee: This cheerful design is made up of multiple rainbow-colored stripes. It looks great outdoors in a sunny setting, or set up indoors if it’s raining outside.

3) The Butterfly Inflatable Marquee: This beautiful design features beautiful butterflies flying around the perimeter. It’s perfect for a baby shower or any other themed party.

4) The Moon & Stars Inflatable Marquee: This dreamy design features a luminous moon and twinkling stars overhead. It’s perfect for a moonlit pool party, or any other nighttime event.

5) The Sun & Moon Inflatable Marquee: This design features a crescent moon and the sun shining in the sky. It’s perfect for nighttime pool parties and other types of gatherings.

6) The Cloud Inflatable Marquee: This spread out shape is ideal for an outdoor event like a backyard BBQ, or indoor party.

7) The Shamrock Inflatable Marquee: This design is made up of horizontal green bands with a single golden stripe in the middle. It’s perfect for adding some Irish flair to any event, especially St. Patrick’s Day.

8) The Pirate Ship Inflatable Marquee: This colorful inflatable marquee will make your special occasion look awesome.