Tips to Selecting Eco Fashion Clothes

'Eco Fashion' is a relatively new term in the fashion industry and essentially refers to clothing and accessories produced responsibly and made using environmentally friendly products. According to the STEP (Sustainable Technology Education Products), eco-fashion clothing pays attention to "the environment, the condition of people working in the fashion industry and the health of consumers."

Thus, these outfits are the result of a conscious attempt to strike a perfect balance with nature while keeping all parties happy. As you can see, the eco conscious clothing brands have a stringent criterion to live up to. So, they are made using natural recycled raw materials. It is important that eco-fashion clothes should be organic because only then can they serve the purpose.

For example, most of our clothes are made of cotton. But, did you know that cotton crops account for a large part of the pesticides used today? Thus, the thrust of eco-fashion garments is to use products that do not harm the environment in any way, actively or passively.

Some characteristics of true-blue eco-fashion are:

  • These garments are generally local. So, they are made from environmentally friendly materials.
  • Eco-fashion is 100% organic. The organic material is made using very little pesticide if any.
  • Eco-friendly garments are made in a fair and honest environment. You may probably have to pay more for these clothes, but you can wear them with pride and joy because you know that people have paid their clothing manufacturing fair. Thus, these garments are made in an environmentally conscious manner and are manufactured by companies that are environmentally conscious.
  • Eco-fashion is recycled. the vintage stores have some of the best collections of recycled clothing. 

These days, you can see an increased desire to go green. Many superstars proudly showcase their eco-fashion clothing. Others have even resorted to shocking advertisements to draw attention to the exploitation of animals in producing fashionable clothes.

With all the negatives associated with it, it is slowly undergoing a revolution. Today, eco-fashion 'is displayed in such high profile dos Fashion Weeks. Many upscale retailers are also happy to house these products. That is why many designers produce a striking design, style and color of clothing that is environmentally friendly.