Best Ideas To Break Thumb Sucking Habit

A child can be seen with the finger or thumb in his mouth. He/she may be looking cute with this but after some time as a parent you will get irritated with this habit and this habit is not going to be appreciated anymore.

We will discuss some best ways to stop thumb sucking in this article. I hope this is going to help you to break the thumb sucking habit of your child.

You can try binding lollipops (all) on helium balloons and floating in the sky. This creates a "special star" to the child. You can convince your child that a tooth fairy comes and put presents and a special star under the pillow as a gift to stop thumb sucking.

Perhaps another approach is to cast lollipops in the dentist's office so that they can be given to a "baby" who needs it. 

Some children may need help from their parents and their pediatric dentist. A pacifier habit is often easier to break thumb sucking. 

When your child is old enough to understand the possible outcomes of sucking, a pediatric dentist can encourage your child to stop and talk about what happens to the child's teeth if he/she does not stop thumb sucking.

This review and support from parents, helps most children quit thumb sucking. So be always there for your child and support him/her to break this habit.