The Best Vegan Cafs In Paris

In a country known for its cheeses and pastries, the prospect of finding great vegan food in Paris may seem daunting. However, veganism is one of the latest food trends to take over Paris. 

If you want to know more about the best vegan cafes in Paris visit you're a lifelong vegan or just want to try something different, here's our list of the best vegan cafes and restaurants in Paris.

Maisi cafe:- Everything at Maisie Café is vegan, gluten-free and organic, using only the highest quality ingredients. With breakfast and lunch menus, juices and desserts, there is something for everyone. They have a variety of special juices and soups for detox.

Vegan Folie’s:- Want something sweet? Then be sure to check out Vegan Folie for some of the best vegan cakes and baked goods in Paris! They also serve savory foods like sandwiches, soups and salads.

Cloud Cake:- Cloud Cakes is a vegan cafe near Les Halles. They have a menu for breakfast and lunch, as well as a wide variety of hot drinks. What could be more fun than spending a relaxing afternoon here with friends and enjoying coffee and cakes together!

Hank Restaurant:- Hank (good karma) Burger is the place for vegan food in Paris! They use only the freshest vegetables delivered to the restaurant daily to make the most delicious vegan burgers. 

Be sure to try the homemade "Vegan"! Hank Pizza opened after the success of Hank Burger and is worth a visit too! It is very affordable and offers a slice of pizza with salad and dessert which is available and vegan!