Types Of Jobs In A Restaurant In London

Whenever we eat out, we find the atmosphere in the restaurant quite serene, with waiters gliding noiselessly back and forth, well-placed cutlery, floury napkins, and often soft melodic music humming us as we eat dinner.

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Don't be fooled if you think the back of the restaurant is all quiet and peaceful. The atmosphere there is busy and chaotic, with many staff doing various jobs to ensure we get the best possible meal in our preferred setting.

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In a good job, people of different abilities and talents. Jobs in restaurants are just as varied and require a multitude of talents. There is a back of the house and there is work in front of the house.

Front-of-house work is attractive to people who are visibly smiling, polite and have the ability to remain calm and unhindered even in very difficult conditions. These workers include bartenders, waiters, and managers.

Jobs in the restaurant at the back of the house include a chef, cook, maintenance staff, accountant and dishwasher. There is a wide variety of job requirements that are most common in comparison to professions in other industries.