Ideas For Decorating Southwest Wallpaper For Your Kitchen

Given the amount and variety of surfaces in a modern kitchen, wallpaper rather than paint is an excellent choice. Southwest wallpaper can be used as contact paper or as a wall covering, allowing the homeowner or tenant to repurpose usable space and features to create a more personal, thematically suitable look. In recent years, wallpaper designers have created a variety of alternatives that enable simple wiping or washing with ordinary household cleaners without compromising the color or sheen of the covering.

Adding to an Existing Theme

Try a faux-shipboard wallpaper for a coastal breakfast nook, a rural floral for a rustic kitchen, a combination of metals for industrial, pink and gold patterning for a glamorous vibe, or deep faux-wood wallpaper for the Mediterranean feel to highlight an existing theme.

As small touches

The decorator can try a bold or trendy print without papering the entire room by adding a classically patterned or faux-textured wallpaper to a drawer or backsplash, or even beneath a glass tabletop. For a gorgeous finish without the effort of using a tablecloth, place a piece of plexiglass or genuine glass on an old kitchen table. Add interest to an obsolete kitchen table with a fresh patterned wallpaper in gingham or floral design; place a sheet of plexiglass or proper glass atop the table for a nice finish without the hassle of using a tablecloth.

Adding a backsplash to a Kitchen

When deciding whether to go with a tile, wallpaper, or painted backsplash for a kitchen, it’s normal to be unsure. One could think that residues and spatter from the stove or sink would cause the wallpaper to grow dirty too rapidly. Adding a vitrine of heat-resistant glass or Plexi behind the sink or stove, on the other hand, allows the homeowner to pick any pattern or texture of wallpaper, paint, tile, or other covering without fear of stains, burns, or further damage. Try a traditional subway tile design wallpaper for the look of tile without the cost; a faux-tile backsplash will add character without the charge. Try an animal pattern or a humorous cartoon for a pop of color or a dash of an oddity.

Entire walls

Adding wallpaper to one wall as a feature or every wall in the room for a big statement, whether you plan to refresh your kitchen or its neighboring breakfast nook, will update and modernize, contributing to a cozy or calm atmosphere depending on the homeowner’s preference.

Wallpapering Appliances and Furniture Bases

Try papering over an old refrigerator whose vinyl or plastic outer layer has yellowed with time; appliance makeovers may add a lot to the freshness of an older kitchen without having to spend a lot of money on well-functioning parts. Adding a pattern to the base of a kitchen island or the banquet seating in a breakfast nook allows the decorator to refresh outdated furniture that is still structurally sound but losing its appeal.

Final words

Southwest wallpaper will offer a touch of flair, fun, and modern elegance to any part of your kitchen, without adding further stress or pressure to your wallet.