Why Are There Different Colors of Snails?

There are three main groups of snails: terrestrial, aquatic and slipper. Terrestrial snails live on land, while aquatic snails live in water. Slipper snails live in moist environments, such as forests or gardens. Each group of snails has a different color shell. Curious about why there are different colors of snails? Check over here to find out the answer!

facts about a snail

The terrestrial group includes brown and yellow snails. Brown snails have a typical snail shell color, which is usually brown or black. Yellowsnails have a bright yellow shell that helps them to blend in with their surroundings. 

The aquatic group includes blue-green and olive-green snails. Blue-green snails have a green shell that is sometimes shades of blue or green. Olive-green snails have an olive-colored shell that helps them to camouflage themselves against their surroundings. 

The slipper group includes black and white snails. Blacksnails have black shell that can be either smooth or has small bumps on them. Whitesnails have a shiny white shell that makes them look like they are covered in snow. Different colors of snails are not just for fun; they play an important role in the survival of these creatures. 

Different colors of snails are used to identify different species and populations. The colors help predators, such as birds, find their prey more easily. Some snails also use brightly colored shells as a form of camouflage. The five main colors of snails are: black, brown, yellow, green, and red.