What is a Scalp Problem?

A scalp problem is when one or more hairs on the scalp are not growing in the right direction, or when they are growing too slowly. This can cause a number of symptoms, including baldness, dandruff, and itchiness. There are a number of ways to treat scalp care for hair growth and prevent scalp problems. 

Root Planer. If you want to be able to relax about hair loss, and stop worrying about the next bald spot that appears, then consider investing in a root planer. These manufacturers have a lot of experience with hair transplantation and can help you find a good procedure for the area that you are concerned about losing. The first thing that you will want to do is ask your doctor if they recommend it. It could be an excellent investment for many people suffering from scalp problems.

Hair transplant surgery uses grafts of hair or tissue taken from other areas on the head and used to add density to thinning areas of the head. This is also referred to as follicular unit extraction (FUE ) and it involves making incisions in the scalp, inserting a small cutting tool through the incision and removing hair follicles from the donor area. 

Remaining good health throughout your lifetime will aid you in maintaining your new hair growth. Following the hair transplant procedure, you will need to take medications and aftercare until your new hair grows in.