Know the Rules for Decorating

Designers are always encouraged to use a variety of colors, textures, patterns and styles to bring life and atmosphere to a room. It is always a challenge, but designers alive to this challenge. But one of the methods that are less used in the design, called a tone-on-tone, is also something to be considered.

There are really no rules when it comes to decorating, and this is true also when using the technique of tone-on-tone. You have to design according to your taste. You can go online and search for the American purveyor of decorative fabrics.

Make it reflect the things you love and you'll be rewarded with calm and peace that comes with being in, a beautiful harmonious space. Now if you are a professional decorator, or if you happen to decorating public spaces such as your office, then there are a few rules that you must follow.

1.)  There are few designers who can disprove this rule, but I have found that the best effect of this technique comes from sticking to one color. This sounds limiting, but with time it will open up endless possibilities.

2.) While the technique can be used with any color will be, the effect was most profound in neutral colors. Shading neutrals provide the most contrast, which results in more depth to the room. Because the infinite shades of each color, and the intricacies of neutral tones, greater opportunities with neutral colors.

3.) It was less regulation and more some valuable advice. Choose one piece of art hanging on the walls to decorate around can have a dramatic effect on a room. Choose a color that stands out from the painting and the use that you are tone-on-tone color to the room. This will provide an additional layer of instant definition to the room.