What Are The First Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer?

It is usually tough to diagnose ovarian cancer in its initial stages as symptoms are quite similar to other conditions.

Anyone experiencing the abdominal symptoms that last for more than two weeks should see a doctor. You can also get more information about the link between baby talc and ovarian cancer through various online sources.

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Detecting ovarian cancer early can also be challenging because the ovaries are small and located deep in the abdomen, making any growth they might be tough for the doctor to feel.

According to the NOCC, only about 19 percent of ovarian cancers are diagnosed at an early stage.

What Are The Initial Signs Of Ovarian Cancer?

Ovarian cancer does not cause noticeable symptoms in its early stages. Symptoms associated with ovarian cancer likely to develop in later stages of the condition, such as pressure on the bladder, rectum, and uterus.

However, these symptoms of ovarian cancer can develop at any stage of the condition and include pelvic or abdominal pain or cramping, bloating, indigestion or abdominal pain, nausea, unexplained fatigue, back pain, constipation.

These symptoms can be caused by many other conditions, which will often respond to basic treatment or go on their own.

However, if these symptoms appear suddenly and persist, or continue more or less every day without basic treatment, the doctor's diagnosis because they may be symptoms of ovarian cancer.