All About The ECN Forex Broker And The Forex Broker

If you meet the relatively high requirements of trading in big numbers and maintaining a high balance; if you don't want to give up any room on a spread; and you want your trade to not stay "in house"; then perhaps an ECN Forex broker is right for you

In the event the Forex dealer has restricted funds for the first deposit, then the choice is really a non-issue. The broker is the way to go. The initial deposit is minimal and you don't pay commission. It's true that the broker is taking the other side of every trade, as opposed to the ECN Forex broker, but there's money to be made in either case. You can check forex broker in Nigeria at

There's a time and place for all. The benefits with moving through a retail Forex agent instead of an ECN Forex agent are numerous. You'll have that demonstration account which you could use as a tool that is consistent. The minimal fiscal requirement is very less. There are a whole lot of dealers which produce a very wonderful dwelling going through retail agents.

You won't find any mini-pip dealers playing an ECN agent. An ECN is similar to an interbank dealer, and that means you need to have the ability to exchange $7-10 each pip trades since interbank trades at $100,000 increments.