What to Consider When Buying a Commercial Dishwasher

There are a wide variety of options to consider prior to purchasing the ideal commercial dishwasher for your company. There are many distinct types of dishwashers out there, therefore it's important to know that you're buying the right dishwasher to wash your utensils.

In this article, you will get to know some fantastic options to help you purchase the perfect gear. You may visit the Sitform site if you want to purchase commercial dishwashers on a budget. 


The first thing you want to find out is how many dishes you're washing on any particular day and also hourly based upon your quantity. This can help you figure out which kind of commercial dishwasher you want as they all have different washing abilities. It is also a good idea to estimate how many dishes you will need to wash in your highest volume time. It is important for your business or institution to have two or more dishwashers to ensure clean dishes during peak times.

The next thing you will have to learn is what type of commercial dishwasher or dishwasher you want. Undercover industrial dishwashers are commonly used in small setups or as a separate unit, they can wash about 30 racks/hour.

Door-types are for medium-sized installations through you, washing anywhere from 37 racks/hour to 74 stands/hr based on the brand and model. Pot and pan washers come in handy for washing your pot and pan separately and the glasswasher is perfect to make sure you get shine every time.

The total amount of space you have can also play a significant part in your purchase choice. If you have less space, but nevertheless need some heavy cleaning, then you might want to purchase two or more undercover or door-type commercial dishwashers. The best way to learn what's going to work for you will be to assess the space, and test with a dishwasher then proceed from there.