Coffee Drinking, Coffee Etiquette and the Love of the Brew!

People from all walks of life love to drink coffee every day. There are basically two kinds of coffee services: informal and formal. At different times in our lives, we use one or the other.

Serving coffee at home for the family or for a party provides an opportunity to practice "coffee service etiquette." Coffee service etiquette varies according to the audience, type of collection, location and even the season of the year.

Informal coffee service etiquette usually used for informal family reunion, lunch and dinner. For informal dining coffee ready ahead of time. The hostess can serve coffee for each guest. Guests can also serve coffee themselves with the desired amount of cream and sugar to taste. You can check out espresso bar for wedding via for getting more knowledge about espresso coffee.

Formal occasions have servers that are responsible for the coffee service. One server may be responsible for one table at a party, for example. The server asked each guest about their coffee preferences and serves coffee as requested. Formal coffee service is a nice touch to practice at home and make family members feel "special."

In the office, around the communal coffee pot, office workers gather to get a cup of hot coffee from the pot office in the morning before work or during a break to get some extra "buzz."

Sometimes, when the coffee pot is not washed after use or co-workers do not make a new pot as a courtesy to the next coffee drinker, the coffee area office can be one debate.

Lastly, turning mobile phones off bad luck. Public coffee shops may be public but the conversation, most likely, does not appeal to other customers.