What Makes Up A Good Army Tent?

There are a few things to consider when buying an army tent. Firstly, you'll need to decide what size tent you need. Some tents are large enough for up to 10 people, while others are designed for just one or two people. 

You'll also want to consider the type of tent you're buying. There are three main types of army tents: tarps, canvas, and metal frames. If you are looking for good army tents, visit http://www.usmilitarytents.com/Army-Tents.aspx.

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Tarps are the cheapest option and are the simplest to set up. They're made from a single piece of fabric and are very lightweight, making them easy to carry. However, tarps have two major drawbacks: they don't offer much protection from the weather and they can be easily ripped or damaged. 

Tarps are best used for temporary shelters or as a cover for sleeping bags during camping trips. Canvas army tents are similar to tarps in that they're made from a single piece of fabric, but they offer more protection from the weather thanks to their waterproofing properties. 

Canvas tents also tend to be more spacious than other types of army tents and can accommodate up to 10 people. However, canvas tents can be quite heavy and can be difficult to carry around, especially if you're trekking through the woods. 

If you're looking for something bigger, consider investing in a tent. Whether used as an emergency poncho or even just for sleeping outdoors when the weather gets chilly, tents offer ample protection from the elements and make for comfortable overnight stays. Even before you set up camp or sleep outside, it is highly recommended that you get yourself some bug repellant.