Stainless Steel Tube – How Is It Made?

Stainless steel pipes are essentially closed structures used in many structural functions. The shape of the stainless steel tube can be round, square, rectangular, or it can meet the requirements for a specific manufacturing application.

A 1 inch round tube has an outer diameter of 1 inch; while a 1 inch round tube has an inner diameter of 1 inch. The reason is that the outside of the pipe is important for the structure of the building and the inside of the pipe is important for fluid flow. You can also navigate to Ogis to know more about tube bending.

There are basically two types of steel pipes: seamless and welded. The latter starts as a flat strip, while the former starts in the smelting furnace.

1. Seamless: Basically, the seamless tube production process starts with an electric arc furnace. Then the steel is poured into the ingots or repeatedly poured as flowers.

The latter is then rolled into a blank, which is then turned into a tube by pulling a drill tool with two external rollers. These rollers are arranged at an angle to each other, which makes moving the workpiece easier.

2. Welded: This type of steel pipe is made of hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel which is cast in the coils of the pipe maker. If necessary, the coil can be treated to remove unwanted debris and increase coverage.

The coil is then fed through the grooved rollers until the shape is formed and the free edge is properly formed for welding. After all this, the pipe is fed through two semicircular rollers which will help bring the pipe to the required final size.

If you are looking for high-quality stainless steel pipe, search the web. There are many companies that specialize in high-quality metal structures made of aluminum, rolled steel, and stainless steel.