How Big of a Function Tent Do You Need?

The winter is quickly going and the celebration and functions season is right close to the mark. At this point that many event coordinators look over the manufacturers of special event tents and inquire "how large a tent do I require for this particular occasion?" 

This is a valid query that has confused even the most knowledgeable and skilled event coordinator and to help you out, we've put together a How Big of an Event Tent Do You Really Need? What size tent do you require?

Many companies provide large tents for parties. You can also look for best gazebo marquee tents hire for garden parties & more. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to select the proper dimension tent to host your big occasion:

Be aware of the basics before deciding on the right tent

The most crucial aspect of choosing the appropriate size for your tent is also the most simple! Find out how many are expected to attend the event and also what will take place in the tent. 

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What style tent do you Have to Get?

Consider the kind of tent you require for your special occasion. There are several various tents for special events available for hire or buy (including Bedouin, Marquee and Pole Tents) and each has its own distinctive spacing requirements.

Do You Really Need a Dancefloor?

If you're in need of a dancefloor and you are looking for a dance floor, you must know how many people can utilize it. A good estimation of the size of the dancefloor is 2-4sq.ft. per person. That means that if you are planning to host 200 guests at your event and all participants will be using the space, you'll require the dance floor to be around 20'x20'.

Tents and Their Uses in the UK

Outdoor weddings and garden parties in the UK are simply stunning and the sky is the limit with regards to decorating and themes. The weather can never be completely certain, so having an outdoor party means that you're taking a chance with the forecast. 

Except, of course, you plan ahead and make arrangements for gazebos, tents, or marquees that you can set up. You can also hire best gazebo & marquee tents for garden parties in the UK.

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This is the ideal option for an enjoyable outdoor party, regardless of the conditions! The elements of wind and rain will not be a problem for the beautiful tents that you can put up to safeguard you or your visitors. 

You can find the right tent in the UK to suit any occasion, and for the most extravagant weddings, it is possible to rent or buy white canvas tents. Frame tents and marquees that are this high-end can also be employed for outdoor corporate events and picnics regularly.

There is a myriad of tents that can be used for various purposes, and tents are available in tiny dimensions and shape all up to the sizes that are most comparable to houses! 

Actually, most of the larger tents are similar to homes with separate entrances and rooms as well as storage spaces that are designated. 

Tents in the UK are a great way to increase the living space that you can have in your home because they let you take pleasure in the outdoors even in the event that the weather isn't ideal for outdoor activities.