Transplanting Marijuana Clones Into Larger Pot/Grow Space

Firstly, dig a small hole in the media about the size of the 1-gallon pot. Place the clone in the hole. The top of the cube should be level with the media. If the Rockwool cube is exposed too much, it will dry out easily.

If the media level is above the cube, it may come into contact with the stem. This can cause fungal diseases. The stem of the clone should be as vertical as possible.

Sometimes this means that the Rockwool cube will need to be planted crooked. We find that having a vertical stem leads to superior growing results. You can also visit to get marijuana clones.

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Next, fill in media around the clone’s cube. Be sure that the bottom and sides of the cube are in good contact with the media. The Rockwool cube should be planted so that just the very top of the cube is exposed. 

If the cube becomes exposed through watering, gently pack some soil back around it. After several weeks, the clone will be well-rooted, and this will not be an issue.

Finally, thoroughly water your clone. Thorough initial watering helps ensure there are no air pockets or dry spots in your media so that the cube comes into good contact with the water. 

After Transplanting

For the first week or two, be sure to check the moisture of the actual rock wool cube. In some cases, it is possible for the potting media to wick moisture away from the cube.

In these cases, the potting media would be moist, but the cube may be too dry to support the plant. If this happens, pour about 1 cup of water onto the cube itself. Within two weeks the plant will develop a stronger root system, and this will not be an issue.