Wireless Lighting Control With LED Light APP

LED lighting and wireless control for home lighting are popular trends today. Flexible and easy remote control and dimming from anywhere in your home are possible with an IOS or Android smartphone or mobile device. All you have to do is download a free LED light app from the app store or Google Play.

When Thomas Edison invented incandescent bulbs, no one would have imagined that lighting control can be this smart today thanks to technological development. The WiFi LED Controller is so smart that it can become a milestone in the history of smart lighting control.

Perhaps you can never imagine controlling home lighting from outside your home and letting your home lighting automatically dim to a level of brightness without using your hand. You may buy the best-led lights for your room via thewavelights.com/

LED Strip Light

To use a WiFi LED controller, you must first replace your traditional LED dimmers with a WiFi dimmer switch, which means a dimmer with a built-in WiFi signal receiver so you can receive the signal. 

Second, you need to download a WiFi dimmer compatible LED light app on your smartphone. Then you need to pair the dimmer switch with the smartphone so that it can receive the WiFi signal. The dimming switch will convert the WiFi signal to dimming signals, such as PWM or phase-cut.

Another great feature of the WiFi LED controller is that the dimmer switch can be set to connect to your home network, allowing cloud control from the Internet when you are away from home.