Preventing Harassment In The Workplace

This article will define and explain the two foremost varieties of physical harassment at work.  It will cover what should be within a successful Harassment policy, how it needs to be communicated, and who is held answerable for assuring compliance. It also includes managing complaints, documenting charges and behavior and fixing any situation which could possibly be construed as harassment assaults

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Additionally, it will describe liability for the organization and/or its supervisors. It will talk about the rights of the worker and how important it is to get a no retaliation policy to protect workers who make a claim or charge. There'll be examples of scenarios and if they are covered under the law and what defenses may be viable.  

Additionally, it will offer benefits for all concerned about having harassment-free surroundings at work.

Why should you attend 

Harassment that may happen and complaints that aren't resolved can lead to quite serious and expensive consequences. All human resource professionals, managers and all levels of management have to know about the obligations involved without addressing harassment at work seriously rather than having a policy and process that protects the business in addition to the employee.

Areas Covered at the Session:

  • The definitions of harassment and physical harassment as governed by federal law.

  • Review of this law and protect workers. 

  • Employer responsibility and the prices to both workers and employe.r 

  • Strategies and programs to maintain and comply with legal necessities.

  • Complaint processes and Internal examinations.

  • Retaliation preclusion.

  • Defenses to fees.

  • Supervisory training to recognize and deal effectively with All complaints and maintain a harassment-free Atmosphere.

  • Benefits of a harassment-free Atmosphere.