Use Canvas On Materials While Renovating Your Bathroom

When you remodel a bathroom, mix items of sanitaryware from different suppliers, in order to offset affordable buys against luxuries such as a quality bath. 

Saving you money without compensating for a stylish, quality finish. Cash adds, 'It doesn't necessarily mean that when a material is cheap, it's not durable. 

If you research well, you'll find the best alternative with the same quality as the expensive ones but at a fraction of the cost. You can get bathroom renovating services at

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Ensuring you know the difference between bad quality cheap fixes – such as plastic baths or shower trays that are so thin they are flexible and, therefore difficult to seal and make watertight – and cheaper but sound materials that will still perform and look good is key.

'Some materials are not expensive but look expensive. Find the right set of materials to give your bathroom a different look that is within your budget.' And, there are plenty more budget bathroom ideas where that came from.

Design Features That Trick The Eye

When you're remodeling a small space like a loft bathroom, designs that trick the eye is your friend. Here, the homeowners have used a wall-hung vanity unit that allows the floor to run underneath, making the space feel larger than it is. 

The walk-in shower features an alcove for storing toiletries, which avoids shelves intruding into the space.

Adding textural and tonal interest to even the most neutral of bathrooms with matt black hardware enhances the look furthermore. 

Ultra-modern and incredibly sleek, it looks great in almost any space. Here, the shower fixtures, tap, and vanity unit add dramatic flair, while pared-back white wall tiles in interesting shapes keep things feeling light and bright.