The Air Duct Cleaning Process In Longview

Familiarize yourself with the air duct cleaning process to ensure you have cleaned the ducts well enough and are safe to breathe unadulterated air. Pay attention to the process of clearing the airways to ensure the quality of the air entering your lungs. For example, mold sealants are not only a bad solution, they can make the problem worse. You can also avail the benefits of residential AC installation and commercial AC installation in Longview.

Check before cleaning

Regular inspections of the air supply system provide basic information about the piping and ventilation involved; It also helps identify problems in the airflow system. Your duct cleaning service provider may offer to seal air leaks in the ducts; This really saves energy and helps reduce your electricity bill. 

Clogged filters can be identified and replaced; high-efficiency pleated filters or electrostatic precipitators can replace glass fibre filters. Inspection can lead to the detection of mold problems that need to be removed before starting the air duct cleaning process. 

Generate negative pressure

The vacuum cleaner, which creates a vacuum, uses compressed air to remove dirt and debris from the system. It is always safe to dispose of dusty items in the outdoor air; Any internal exhaust system must use a HEPA filtered vacuum. Sometimes, prior to mechanical cleaning, the entire system is vacuumed to remove dirt and debris.

Clean the pipe

Clean the pipes running through the system. Special tools such as nylon brushes or cord-operated brushes are used to clean together with a strong vacuum of the supply and return system.