Some Possible Ways to Combat High Blood Pressure

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure when I was beginning my thirties. I have always been overweight but for a short time at the beginning of my adult life when I lift weights and go to the gym every day as it is a religion.

Lack of exercise, fat gene, and too much of the wrong types food that spells disaster in this region. Now, I believe that certain blood pressure in some people tends to be based on some not yet understood or known about genetic factors.

Some Possible Ways to Combat High Blood Pressure

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Measurements of blood pressure

Blood pressure is a measurement of blood pressure you put on the arteries and other blood vessels. Total above, the systolic pressure, is the current measurement of your heart pumps blood. That is why it is the higher amount.

Diastolic pressure is the force of the heartbeat, which is why it is (or should be) lowers. It has been accepted for a long time that normal blood pressure is 120/80. Now some drug companies and others try to push lower. It is controversial because more data show that not everyone can or should have the same pressure.

So you see there are many for this number and you have to measure you and try to keep track of what is normal for you. You should monitor as if the nails often go too high or you damage the blood vessels and organs such as the heart and kidneys, among others.