Find Towson’s Best Clinic For Hammertoes Surgery?

Hammertoe surgery could be an option for treatment if you suffer from a serious hammertoe. Hammertoes are contracted of the toe as a result of an imbalance of the muscle between the tendons on the upper part of the toe as well as the tendon that run down the toe. There are two kinds of hammertoes; one that is flexible and the other an unresistible hammertoe.

The hammertoes that are flexible are less dangerous because they are able to be detected and treated in the developing stage. Flexible hammertoes can still be moved in the joint. So, it's better to book your appointment in the clinic of hammertoes in Towson for your checkup.

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Rigid hammertoes can be more dangerous and are often found in people suffering from severe arthritis. In hammertoes that are rigid, the tendons have tightened and the joint has become misaligned and inflexible, making surgery the only option for treatment.

For hammertoe surgeries, there are a variety of surgery options, based on the extent and location of the issue. One option is an arthroplasty. In arthroplasty, a part that is attached to the joint gets removed, and the toe is straightened. The other option for surgical treatment is the fusion procedure. Through fusion surgery, the cartilage that connects the two bones of the toe is removed, and the two bones are bonded to form a larger bone.