Know More About Nespresso Coffee Pods

Nespresso which is the abbreviation for "Nestle Espresso" was in fact one of the first machines that made use of coffee pods. Many people do not connect them with coffee is due to the fact that Nestle did not refer to them but instead, they were called capsules. But, since they are a kind of single-serve coffee, a single cup is pretty much identical to coffee pods.

The initial Nespresso machines were branded with a well-known brand name, as well as the Nespresso brand name. Since 2000, Nespresso machines have been done without any brand names other than Nespresso. You can buy Nespresso pods online via

Comparatively to T-Discs K-Cups and standard coffee pods, Nespresso's coffee pods can not be available in grocery stores. In order to buy them, you'll need to go to Nespresso's official website or the Nespresso Boutique. Yes, you read it right they actually come with a range of shops that are dedicated to their use. Brewers, however, are readily available in a variety of retail shops.

The pod coffee machine operates slightly differently from normal pod coffee makers. After insertion, the capsule is punctured and is filled using hot liquid. As the pressure increases it opens up holes within the weaker parts of the aluminum and the coffee now brewed disappears. 

The aluminum capsule that has been empty is usually placed in a waste receptacle inside the machine, to be removed later. In most cases, where you can purchase Nespresso products, they'll recycle the aluminum absolutely free.