Get Sun Screens For Your Home – Exterior Sun Blinds

Although we all love the sun, it can be annoying when furnishings and curtains are damaged by its rays.

It is possible for rooms to quickly reach uncomfortable temperatures, making them unusable during hotter months. Overexposure to the sun can lead to serious problems. Often, the only solution is to close curtains or to pull down blinds to block out the sunlight.

The external SunScreen from is the solution to all these problems.

Sunscreens can be mounted outside your window. These blinds are fully retractable and vertical, so when they're down, the sun's rays will be reflected off the glass. This results in a room that is immediately cooler.

This fabric is made from a special fabric that is specially designed to reflect away large amounts of the sun's rays. This prevents furnishings from getting damaged and also stops glare. The heat is also reduced significantly.

The Perforated fabric allows for a lot more light through the special type of fabric. The Screen allows you to see outside.

Your Screen can be automated to keep your home cool and protected, even when you're not there. Simply put, the sun sensor will lower the blinds once the sun hits a certain threshold. 

Then it will retract when the sunlight goes down. The wind sensor protects your blind from excessive wind and retracts the Screen into its housing.