Ruby Gemstones – How to Find the Right Ruby

Even the sight of this majestic gem evokes thoughts of greatness and awe. Ruby is called Ratna Raj in Sanskrit, which means the king of all precious stones. It has been adored for centuries for its immense beauty and strength. 

Most people believe that the diamond has always been the most coveted gemstone. Ruby takes its name from the Latin word ruber, which means red, and quotes its color.

“The biggest ruby in the world” (which is also known as “le plus gros rubis du monde” in the French language) usually have a red color and range from bright red to brownish red to deep red. Rubin's most sought-after color is known as "Dove's Blood" and is found mainly in Burma. 

Burma is very famous for rubies, although they are also mined in Vietnam, Thailand, Kenya, and Madagascar. Apart from their color, several types of rubies have also become famous for their crystal curiosity. 

Early rubies had crystal shards from which natural stars appeared as formations. These types of rubies are much harder to find than regular rubies, and even those found, very few exhibit a good balance of color, complexion, and eye ridge or star effect. This is the most expensive ruby that can be found.

Learning Ruby is sure to prepare you for a smooth and affordable purchase that fits your needs. Here are most of the things you need to know before buying ruby or ruby jewelry.