Still Photography In Yoga, Portraying The Union Of Science And Art

Yoga is one of the most important contributions of ancient India to the modern world. It merges two elements that deny each other: art and science.

In yoga, science is the fact that the flexes condition the body, while the art is the sensation of harmony and balance portrayed by those flexes. To know more about fine art meditation visit

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Meditation is one of the common poses in yoga, placing one's self in a state of mind that allows a clearer picture of the world. As an art, it is the union of the body and mind to get a clearer grasp of the bigger scheme of things.

Photographers portray meditation as freeing oneself self from distractions and, instead, focusing on the art of maintaining balance. The way of meditation is calm and quiet-not uttering a single word or moving a muscle.

In meditation, nature takes over to heal the body and mind from the bruises daily life has inflicted upon them. Once yoga clears the mind, it moves on to different poses to further achieve the goal of balance.

As a science, the poses are a form of exercise-something that is already common in gyms and spas. However, yoga pictures portray the artistic meaning of these poses: the act of achieving balance.

The poses show what it means to feel good and follow good things. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and a yoga picture cannot say enough about what it tries to convey.