How to Find a Babysitter in the New Area

Finding a nanny in today's society involves more than simply posting a "Nanny Wanted" flyer at your local grocery store and hiring the first person who calls you. In today's society where we are all afraid of the unknown, finding a good babysitter takes time and, frankly, great interviewing and investigative skills.

Gone are the days of just hiring a girl from the neighbors! If you need to find a babysitter but don't want to put up a "wanted: babysitter" flier, here are a few routes you can take to locate a babysitter who is reliable, affordable, and good with kids.

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1. Talk to other parents in your neighborhood and at your local playground and ask who they use as babysitters. Other parents can provide you with information that interviews and resumes cannot. Other parents you spend time with can tell you which caregivers their children like and why, and which caregivers they don't and why not. 

2. Do you live in a town with a university or community college? These schools usually have programs for students who want to go into teaching or early childhood education. Students will also often work for lower wages than other babysitters especially those who respond to "babysitter wanted" ads. Ask one of the professors to recommend someone to you!

3. Ask your children's teachers if they know someone who can recommend child care for your children. Educators at schools, kindergartens, and daycare centers know your children well and may know reliable people with whom your children get along well.