What Is Pediatric Eye Care?

Pediatric eye care is an ophthalmic subspecialty associated with vision care and eye diseases in children. Because good vision is a prerequisite for academic efficiency and social interaction and affects every aspect of a child's life, regular eye exams are a must.

The benefits of eye care for children:

A good vision is a prerequisite for proper mental and physical development in adult children. You can pop over to this website to get more information regarding pediatric eye care.

If vision problems arise, early detection can ensure timely treatment. In addition to routine examinations and lens placement, leading eye specialists also provide care for various vision problems in children such as:

• Refractive errors related to near vision, far vision and astigmatism

• Assessment and treatment of lazy eye or amblyopia

• Strabismus or Kreuzauge

• Eye infection and inflammation

• Clogged tear ducts

• eye injury

• Screening for juvenile diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis

• retinopathy

Ophthalmologists have the expertise to diagnose eyewear needs based on a full eye health examination. This is usually done by widening the pupils to relax the muscles because this allows the correct measurement. The doctor then uses the retinoscope to examine the eye, determine the direction of treatment and, if necessary, write a prescription for glasses.

Pediatric eye care is critical, especially for parents of young children as visual skills are the foundation for success in educational activities, sports and interact with others. Parents are responsible for monitoring their children's eye health until the child is old enough to take care.