Pre-Qualifying Your Disaster Restoration Contractor

It is critical that the owner or property manager pre-qualify many opportunities for restoration companies. There are several important aspects to consider when making a choice. As always, you should seek recommendations from your peers as a starting point. After listing the interviews, ask each contractor to make a statement of ability. You can also avail the benefits of disaster restoration contractors online from various sources.

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Request verification of personnel with relevant experience and training. This is an area where training is often limited to a few key employees. Polish workers are often considered disposable workers and there may not be enough training to do significant work without significant supervision. Find out about the company's education and training policies.

Then look for presentations of typical contractor contracts and standard prices for emergency services. These rates must be presented to you as a printed document with the current date. Make sure you research the differences in overtime and vacation rates. Find out if the contractor is currently involved in significant litigation. 

Also, be sure to check the contractor's insurance coverage, including employee liability and benefits. Ask contractors for a copy of their operational security plan. Determine whether the candidate will undertake a drug test and criminal investigation as part of the recruitment process.