What You Should Know About Website Chat Bot?

Nowadays, a website chat room has become an important part of any website. The most popular website chat rooms are Yahoo, AIM, Ventrillo and some good ones are IRC, Multivit, Xanga, etc. Website chatbots help you increase your user base, increase website traffic and boost sales of your products. There are several websites that have taken full advantage of this facility and now offer free website chat bot services to all their registered users. You can use these services to make a lot of money!

To understand how these website chat bots work, we need to understand the basic requirements of a chatbot. These requirements include the ability to process as many queries as possible within a short time interval, the ability to process customer queries and deliver answers instantly, ability to follow and understand customer queries, ability to provide instant answers, ability to provide detailed answers to customer queries, ability to respond to customer queries and last but not the least ability to provide comprehensive and prompt answers. Apart from the above-mentioned factors website chat bot must also be able to perform properly and interact with website visitors in a satisfactory manner. It must be able to maintain a long-term conversation with website visitors. If it does not, it would lose all its customers and would either fold or go out of business.

Let's take an example, a website chat bot like eToro's eToro chat assistant has the capability of handling up to 1000 visitors at a time and it's not just talking, it's also taking action. Let's say you make a reservation using the eToro website, but your query doesn't appear on the screen immediately. EToro chat assistant remembers that you made a reservation and starts processing your query (e.g. it processes your inquiry until it reaches the end). When the request is done, it will contact you via email and notify you that your reservation was successfully made and that your reservation has been saved.

The next step is for it to send you an email with your confirmation link in it. You may click on the link and then enter your key information and click on the "submit" button. Now if you have not changed anything in your Webhosting server configuration then this step would have taken place instantly. However, if you have configured your Webhosting application with the use of an external API object, your website chat bot will need to access the external API object and will need to pass the request to it.

Let's say your website chat bot is connecting to an external API object for the first time and trying to make a reservation. When the webhook connects to the API, it will search through all the registered requests it has accumulated. Once it locates one of your reservation queries, it will attempt to create the required connection. Now, your webhook will receive the link which will verify against the details you have provided it. If everything looks good, your website visitors will be sent an automated message confirming that their reservations have been saved.

However, as soon as the bot returns with a response, you need to check whether the response was successful or not. Forcing a connection to a non-existing one is against the principles laid out by Google in their terms of service. This way, your website chat bot may end up redirecting customers to false pages and/or having to wait too long for responses from non-existing links. Your dental practice's reputation will suffer as a result of a non-existing Bot.

Another downside to these chat bots is that they can easily take over your conversation. As soon as someone uses your Bot to make a reservation, you could very well see hundreds or thousands of people messaging you asking for help with their accounts. Some Bots might also fail to recognize certain words and customer responses, which may confuse or misplace messages. To prevent this, purchase chat robots that are text-to-speech in nature, rather than voice-to-voice. These are much more reliable and can help prevent conversations from being hijacked by a bot.

Lastly, there is another bot that you should consider purchasing called chatflow. Although this bot is only recently released to the public, many dentists have already discovered its benefits. This product allows users to conduct live chat sessions right on their website, providing them with a convenient way to get answers to questions. Chatflow can also be used in conjunction with chatflows such as zenflow, which allow you to conduct two different chats within the same website.