How To Buy Affordable Translations Of The Bible?

Many people are confused by the sheer number of options when it comes to purchasing a translation of the Bible. You may be wondering which translation is better, which is the most accurate, and which one is right for you. Some of these tips can help you choose the correct Bible translation.

If you are unsure and cannot make a final decision about which Bible translation is best for you, you can discuss some of these issues or questions with someone you can trust like the priest, a pastor, a study group leader or an acquaintance. Many of the good translations also come with bible timeline charts, maps, or large poster prints. You can purchase a complete bible timeline chart via

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In connection with this you can also visit your local public library which has several Bible translations to refer to. The advantage of reading a copy at your public library or picking it up from a friend is that you still don't have to spend money to buy it.

You can also visit various pages and flea market sales, where books are sold at bargain prices. See if they are familiar with the Bible or the New Testament; And although these copies can be used and even tampered with or marked in some way, they are still good enough to check certain translations of the Bible without making a huge financial investment.

If you want to spend money on a new Bible, you can buy a "parallel" Bible. This volume contains several translations that appear in parallel columns on each page. Purchase a parallel Bible with some of the translations you are interested in.