Tips for Finding the Right eCommerce Fulfillment Center

Order fulfillment is an essential part of your business operations when it comes to eCommerce.  If you are experiencing signs that reveal your current 3PL fulfillment company is failing to deliver, it's time to get smart about your eCommerce fulfillment center.

Changes to existing processes shouldn't be taken lightly. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right fulfillment center for your company. You can also hire 3pl eCommerce fulfillment services via

This guide will help you ensure that your new eCommerce order fulfillment center meets all your customers' expectations.

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Define your short-term and long-term eCommerce goals

Are you looking for fulfillment centers because your logistics requirements have outstripped what you are able to do at home? Are you unhappy with the services your current 3PL company is providing?  Identifying areas for improvement in your current process and eCommerce fulfillment center will enable you to evaluate your goals.

Before you can find the fulfillment warehouse that best suits your needs, it is important to set your eCommerce goals. These goals will help you find the right fulfillment center for your business.

Your short-term goals may include:

  • Shipping times can be cut by using fast shipping solutions
  • Shipping costs are reduced with more shipping options
  • Improve your ability to fulfill and ship orders more accurately and with fewer returns
  • Reduced customer support response time

Your eCommerce business might have some long-term goals like:

  • Reduced strain on internal departments (accounting and customer service)
  • Expanding fulfillment operations to multiple locations (e.g., east coast and west coast).
  • Expanding product range to enable additional SKUs and inventory

These things should be discussed with potential order fulfillment centers in order to establish the timelines for implementing solutions that best suit your business goals. Before you outsource fulfillment, carefully evaluate the order processing, delivery options, and order management software.