Plan The Hiking in the Grampians

Australia's Grampians National Park is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the country. With its mesmerizing valleys and soaring mountains, this park provides plenty of opportunities for a family hike. You can also plan the best hiking tours in Melbourne via

Some great family hikes in Australia include the Blue Mountains, which are located east of Sydney; the Great Ocean Road, a coastal drive that runs from Torquay to Warrnambool; and the Southern Alps, which can be found south of Melbourne. You can also explore rugged national parks such as Uluru and Kata Tjuta with tours.

Here are the best hikes in the Grampians with your family.

1) The Mt Buffalo Trail: This hike takes you up to the summit of Mt Buffalo, one of Australia's highest peaks at 2,244 meters (7,362 feet). At just over four kilometers (2.5 miles), it's a relatively easy hike that will take approximately two hours to complete. However, be prepared for some steep and rocky sections.

2) The Mt Hotham Traverse: This hike takes you up Mount Hotham, one of Australia's highest peaks at 3,953 meters (12,552 feet). It's a challenging trek that will take around six hours to complete, but the views are well worth it. You'll see some of Victoria's most iconic landmarks, such as Melbourne and Wattle Hill.

3) The Falls Creek Trail: This hike leads you through beautiful Falls Creek Valley, full of wildflowers in springtime, it's a fairly short hike.