Organic Weed Killer – Why Make the Change to Organic

I have never been someone who you would consider "green" or into the whole organic movement. I never thought there was any reason to spend the extra money on the organic stuff because I didn't think that it really made much of a difference. I have started to change my mind, and it started in a strange place…with an organic weed killer.

I have always used weed killers around the house, killing the weeds in the cracks on the driveway, using it in the garden, etc. I had never really thought much about it, I would just go to the store to get the name brand weed killer and use it.

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Then, my wife and I decided to start trying to have a child, and one of my friends told me we should look into using an organic weed killer to prevent the pesticides from getting tracked into the house. I, of course, was skeptical. This all coincided with me moving into a new house that had some weed issues. Knowing that I needed to do some weed killing and thinking of my future child, I decided to try an organic weed killer.

I used a vinegar and soap mix to kill the weeds in the driveway and on the sidewalk up to the house. This worked really well, I was shocked. I decided not to use this mixture in the garden because I read that the mixture will kill anything it lands on, and I didn't trust myself to not get it on the vegetables (we obviously didn't want to kill those).

So, in the garden, I tried a mix of organic mulch (grass clippings, wood chips, etc.) to try to prevent the sun from getting to the weeds. This also worked pretty well. I am not saying it prevented all the weeds, but it made it very easy for me and my wife to pick the few that did sprout up by hand.