Low Loaders And Its Types

A low loader is a type of semi-trailer having two drops in deck height. One drop is directly in front of the wheel while the other drop is positioned behind the neck. This makes the deck of the semi-trailer very low compared to other normal trailers.

Low loaders are very useful trailers for transporting equipment in the construction industry. You can also look for the best low loaders heavy haulage trailers through various online sources.

The low deck offers flexibility in carrying higher loads than other trailers. There are other safety benefits due to a low center of gravity which is a major concern for good transportation.

Depending upon the type of construction project for which it is used, there are various types of low loaders:

Fixed gooseneck – provides a longer length compared to the deck. These low loaders are cost-effective and are also available with low-profile tires. The curved neck shape acts as a lowering prong allowing the front tires of the machine to be loaded onto the deck.

Fixed Neck – This type of flatbed truck has a neck that attaches to the trailer. It is very lightweight but does not allow peeling and front loading.

Hydraulically Detachable Gooseneck – This is a very common trailer and the goose flaps are very easy to separate using a large hydraulic cylinder that raises and lowers the trailer. However, the easy-to-remove goose flap is due to the length of the deck and its weight.