How Zoom Teeth Whitening Services Work

Teeth whitening is a boon for many people who suffer from the discomfort of dirty stains on their teeth. For others, the reason they choose shiny teeth is that it can enhance the beauty of their teeth.

There are many methods to get shiny teeth, some require a person to sit for several sessions and others cater to those who want instant results. For those for whom time is a restriction, zoom teeth whitening services can come as a relief. 

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 zoom teeth whitenin

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Before starting the tooth whitening process, your dentist will perform a thorough imaging and oral examination to make sure the procedure is effective for you. Once done, the actual process begins. To start, there's a little cleanser that will isolate your lips and gums.

Zoom glitter gel is then applied to your teeth and a lamp specially designed for this procedure is used to activate the gel. The fluoride treatment is then applied for five minutes to complete the entire procedure. That's all this method requires, and you can get a beautiful, shiny smile.

Improve your teeth whitening services and use a pH balanced hydrogen peroxide in the gel. When this hydrogen peroxide is activated by a special light, it penetrates tooth enamel to remove discoloration and stains on teeth. 

This method is completely safe when performed by a qualified orthodontist. However, pregnant women and children under the age of 13 should not engage in Zoom teeth whitening.