How to Stay Afloat and Avoid Damage when Boating in a Storm?

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Whether you have experience in boating or not, there are chances that you can land in a storm. A storm can occur at any time or place even if you are offshore, up a river, inshore, or on a lake. Still, there’s no need to worry about the storms but to be prepared for the tackle and ride.

  • Lifejackets: When in the water, always have a lifejacket at an easy reach. When a storm strikes, everyone should be able to access it as soon as possible. Also, ensure that every person on the boat knows where the jackets are stored. You can give a safety briefing to your passengers before leaving the shore.
  • Keep the Kill Switch Lanyard: On big seas, it is good to keep the boat in motion. When storms throw up big waves, they can turn over a stationary vessel with much ease as compared to a moving one. Since the risk of overboard is higher in rough seas, you should always have a kill switch close to your wrist.
  • EPIRB: While boating in a storm, EPIRB is an essential thing. You can use it when there is a close threat to your life. When the weather comes down on you and you are in the water, EPIRB placed safely at a reach can be the ultimate savior.
  • Navigation: It is an essential skill to get out of all troubles while boating. If you discover yourself in a storm, navigate to the closest safe place. It could be a dry land like a shore or island. Other options include bays, coves, and nearby reefs.

When buying a boat from aluminium boat manufacturers in Australia, don’t just get the boat but buy safety equipment and accessories as well.