How to Remove a Broken Key From a Lock

Usually, people use several different keys in a day. This key can be used for your front door, office door, car door, car ignition key, and many more. The keys for these different locks can be made from different materials and some can be very durable while others can be very weak.

If your lock is broken, there are a few steps you can take before calling a locksmith. And you can also get more information about the broken key extraction from

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Keys are usually made of metal and therefore have magnetic properties. In some cases, a damaged part of the lock can be pulled out of the lock with a magnet. The magnet usually needs to be strong enough to pull the key out.

Suction set

If you have the opportunity to drive to your local hardware store, you may be able to purchase an extractor that is specially designed to remove broken locks from locks. It is a set of long, thin tools that have a hook at the end. They slide to the edge of the lock-in most locks and hooks can be used to attach and remove locks.

If you are unsuccessful in removing the lock yourself, or if magnets or pullers are not available, you should seek help from a locksmith. A locksmith has the equipment and experience needed to pull a broken key from a lock.