Health Facts About Bottled Water

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in global demand for bottled drinking water. Particularly for purified water, the market and consumption values have doubled. Although it is the largest market for bottled water in the world.

For health reasons, consumers prefer to use bottled water over tap water. Is it safe? These are the health facts that consumers need to know about processed water. If you want to purchase bottled water in Hawaii then visit

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Many families prefer bottled water for safety reasons. But did you know that a lack of fluoride can lead to tooth decay if you drink distilled water regularly? Fluoride is an element that naturally occurs in groundwater, and is removed by distillation.

Also, bottled mineral water may contain high levels of calcium that can lead to hypercalcemia. Gallstones can be caused by too much calcium in your blood.

Another study has been done on the chemical content of processed water because plastic containers are used. Plastic containers, as well as glass containers, could be polluted by estrogenic chemicals.

Brand tests have shown that many containers are containing chemical contaminants which exceed the limits of health. Consumed for a prolonged period, they can pose health hazards.

Water bottles are not only a problem for health if you used them properly, but they do not stunningly transform your home lose toxins are a major threat to the environment. Polyethylene Terephthalate bottles account for nearly fifty percent of all plastic containers. Worldwide, two hundred billion water bottles are used annually according to estimates.

This article doesn't cover bottled water producers in general. However, the consumer still has the right to all details about the product.