Everything You Need To Know About 5 Stone Diamond Rings

Diamond is 99.9% pure carbon and can only be formed under certain conditions at very high pressures. As with other minerals, the process of their formation is completely natural and cannot be influenced by humans. But what makes diamonds so special? They remain the most coveted gems in the world.

They are popular in almost all jewelry because they have the unique ability to reflect light, giving them a brilliant shine and luster. Over the years, proposing with a diamond engagement ring has become a tradition.  You can buy different styles of rings like oval via Luxe Gemmes.

Let's take a look at 5 diamond ring stones and why the number of people choosing the same is steadily increasing. There are a number of different factors that come together to form the perfect ring.

You can choose the shape of the diamond that will be present in the ring. Round diamonds are a popular shape because they contain 58 facets and reflect light in the most brilliant way. Princess cut diamonds are square stones, have a unique appearance and go well with diamond rings. 

A rectangular emerald shaped diamond to look at. As the name suggests, this cut was originally used to form emeralds and was slowly used for diamonds. Oval diamonds are also used, complementing the design perfectly.

Rust plays a big role in determining the price of a stone. So make sure you check the carat of the diamond when buying it. The purity of the stone is also very important. Refers to visible stains that may appear on the surface of the stone. 

Cut is the diamond's ability to reflect light and is the only factor affected by humans. The hallmark of a well-cut stone is its ability to reflect almost any light that passes through it. The most desirable stones are completely colorless. These stones are very expensive, but you can choose a more reasonable one that looks colorless.