Essential Vitamin For Children – Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for children of all ages. To ensure the health of a growing body infants, children and adolescents must consume a diet in which proper levels of Vitamin D are present, as well as get exposure to the sun for adequate vitamin D exposure. 

Pediatricians recommend children receive 400 IU's (International Units) per day. In the case where a deficiency exists, it is recommended that a supplemental form of Vitamin D is given to the child.

Vitamin D is so essential to your body that it makes some itself. However, the best source of receiving this nutrient is through exposure to the sun. If you want to know more about the children’s vitamins, then read this post here.

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Since Vitamin D is crucial for the absorption of calcium, which in turn promotes strong bone growth, no chance of deficiency should be permitted to develop. Getting kids outside for at least 30 minutes is enough for the body to receive sufficient amounts of vitamin D. 

Children whose diets are deficient in Vitamin D are at risk of developing soft bones which can lead to rickets. Also, Vitamin D is needed by the child's immune system. Also, Vitamin D is important for cell growth and production. 

This is important for the development of strong teeth and hair. Vitamin D has also been linked to helping to prevent other autoimmune disorders and even autism.

Today many foods are enriched and fortified with extra amounts of Vitamin D. This is usually labeled on the package of the product. Foods that are generally enriched with Vitamin D include cereals, milk, eggs, and fish. 

For any child, the best way to receive a balanced diet high in Vitamin D and other important vitamins and minerals is to consume a well-balanced diet.