Custom Home Builders in North Vancouver and Your Roof

Custom home builders design structures specifically for each owner or according to their own set of unique blueprints. One of the most important aspects of house design is the roof. There are numerous styles to choose from, from a complex gambrel to a simplistic pyramid. Here's a look at some popular styles to discuss with your custom home builders for building custom home.

Flat: Low-Cost and Economical

Most homes have roofs with some degree of slope. If you live in a wet climate, slopes are particularly important, as they assist in the shedding of water. Without a slope, water can accumulate on the flat surface, causing potential damage. However, a flat roof means that fewer materials are needed during construction, making this option more economical.

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Pyramid: Strong and Resilient

Pyramid roofs have the same basic structure as a pyramid, with four equal triangular sides that slant upwards and meet at a center point. This option is generally used on smaller houses or structures such as pool houses or garages. Many homeowners opt for this style due to its durability and resilience against the elements.

Gable: Inexpensive and Versatile

A gable design resembles an upside-down V, and its simple construction makes it easy to build and inexpensive. Gables are made up of two equal-sized roof surfaces pitched at the same angle to form a ridge at the top. While gables are excellent for shedding water and maximizing ceiling space, they are not ideal for areas prone to high winds.