Choosing Between Screen Printing and Digital Printing

When purchasing habit t-shirts, most buyers are unclear on whether to have their shirts screen printed or digitally printed. Each procedure of printing produces a different effect on the shirt. This guide will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type of shirt printing, and help you choose which method is best for you and your customized t-shirts.

Among the principal factors in determining which type of shirt printing to utilizing is the number of shirts that are going to be arranged. Digital printing, generally speaking, is much more suited towards smaller orders, because there is no minimum quantity – you have order custom t shirts online  .

Another factor that must be taken into consideration is the color of the t-shirt. While buying brightly colored t-shirts, such as natural or white colored t-shirts, both digital printing and screen printing are acceptable to your habit t-shirts. However, when purchasing darker colored shirts, like blue or black, the digital printing option is eliminated. The ink used in digital printing simply isn't strong enough to penetrate through the darker colors of the shirt.

Finally, the printing itself must be taken into consideration. Digital printing generates a very colorful print that is not a large resolution but also leaves the t-shirt quite soft to the touch. Printing more colors utilizing digital printing won't increase the price of the top. Display printed t-shirts generate stronger printing which can sustain very many applications and countless times from the washing machine.