Capsule Filling: Working Principle Of An Automatic Capsule Filler

Pharmaceutical processing is a series of steps, and capsule filling is an important part of the process. This can be done manually or with the help of an automatic capsule filling machine.

Capsules must be properly processed and filled with capsule filler prior to shipment. You can also look for the best pill filler through various online sites.

Automatic Capsule Filler

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Whether you complete the filling process with a new machine or with a used capsule filler, the filling machine takes over the entire filling process. If you run a large manufacturing operation, the use of automated capsule fillers is mandatory. 

These machines increase production and increase the efficiency of the production process. 

Capsule correction

Factory-made capsules are usually joined to the cap and body and must be adjusted before filling can begin. To remedy this, the capsule is inserted into the capsule dispensing plate with several circular grooves in it to hold the capsule. 

The capsule is then dropped onto a horizontal fork working in the center of the capsule, and then the vertical fork adjusts its direction.

Filling medicine

The capsule body is transferred to a filling station, where the active ingredients are filled into the capsule. This can be done through various methods.


The dust is compacted here with the help of a tamper. The powder is transported from one compaction site to the next to achieve a fine coating.

Vacuum filling

With this method, the ingredients are drawn directly into the dosing tube by vacuum suction. Compressed air is then used to blow the powder contents into the capsule body.