Benefits of Direct-Fed Microbials

In addition, over the years it has been found that animals that are fed good natural yeast in their diet are healthier than those who are not fed this product.

As a result of these findings, scientists believe that by combining the benefits of the lactic acid-producing bacteria from fermented dairy products with the health of animals fed a diet high in good yeast, this combination may be a very beneficial product for animals.

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The history of probiotics and microbes.

The benefits of this fantastic product. There are both good and bad bacteria in the digestive tracts of all our pets, whether they show dogs or cows. Pathogens or bad bacteria grow three times faster than good bacteria. If nothing is done to control bad bacteria levels, it makes sense for bad bacteria to take control and create poor health levels, at best causing serious illness in our pets in more severe situations.

The first real benefit is that the microbes and probiotics support the digestive tract itself, allowing essential nutrients to be absorbed from the good food our pets eat to fight the growth of harmful bacteria, thereby fighting off pathogenic bacteria upon arrival.

It helps fight diarrhea-causing bacteria in newborns and young animals. It has also been shown that good bacteria, ie. Lactic acid-producing bacteria have a long-term beneficial effect by conferring a higher level of immunity against pathogenic bacteria, thereby helping to limit their growth in the digestive tract.