About The Steps To Winter Hair Care

In winters, the hair gets very dry due to the combination of the cold outside air and the heat inside. You can prevent winter hair syndrome by doing some things.

1. If you can, shampoo your hair less often. After shampooing your hair, use a conditioner and rinse your hair with cold water. Coldwater seals the hair shaft and gives it shine. You must buy hair care equipment that includes natural shampoo and conditioner.

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2. Never wash your hair wet. Use a wide tooth brush to comb your hair.

3. Avoid using curling irons or blow dryers on your hair. You may find that you can’t live without these styling tools. If so, make sure to use a good moisturizer before using them. Be careful with fine hair as some moisturizers can cause hair to become brittle.

4. Reduce the number of chemical treatments that you apply to your hair. Your hair can be dry from chemically straightening, coloring, and perming it. You don’t have to wait until winter to get your chemical treatments done by a professional salon. Do not use home-coloring kits.

5. Last but not least, protect your hair from getting damaged. It’s better to cover your hair with a scarf or a hat, even if it is dry.

These 5 winter hair care tips will keep winter frizzies at bay!